Thursday, January 14, 2010

What kind of learner are you?

What do you prefer doing when you are studying? What kind of things help you to memorize? Which way is better for you to learn? Continue reading to find out what kind of learner you are. This can help you to maximize your learning capacities and improve you results at studying.

Students with this learning style will be able to recall what they hear and will prefer oral instructions. They learn by listening and speaking. These students enjoy talking and interviewing. They are phonetic readers who enjoy oral reading, choral reading and listening to recorded books. They learn best by doing the following: interviewing, debating, participating on a panel, giving oral reports, participating in oral discussions...

Visual learners will be able to recall waht they see and will prefer written instructions. These students are sight readers who enjoy reading silently. Better yet, present information to them with a video. They will learn by observing and enjoy working with the following: computer graphic, maps, graphs, charts, cartoons, posters,texts with pictures...

Students with this strength learn best by touching. They understand directions that they write and will learn through manipulatives. They will learn best by:drawing, playing board games, making models, following instructions to make something...

Kinaesthetic learners also learn by touching or manipulating objects. They need to involve their whole body in learning. They remember materiel best if they act it out. These students learn best by: playing games that involve the whole body, movement activities, making models, following instructions to make something, setting up experiments...

Global learners are spontaneous and intuitive. They do not like to be bored. Information needs to be presented in an interestin manner using attractive materials.Global learners learn best by: choral reading, recorded books, story writing, computer programmes, games, group activities...

Analytic learners plan and organize their work. They focus on details and are logical. They are phontic readers and they prefer to work individually on activity sheets. They learn best when: information is presented in sequential steps, lessons are structured and teacher-directed, goals and aims are clear, requirements are spelled out.


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